Cairo (outskirts), Egypt I took this picture last weekend. I did not finish review of my trip to Jordan yet and here I am posting a new pic from Egypt. I decided to do so mostly because of how great this particular spot is… extremely undermarketed in my opinion, with such a great potential to attract tourists. I hiked for a good few hours…


Petra, Jordan Interesting thing about Petra, especially for those underinformed (like myblissfullself), it’s huge (!!!) and truly amazing! There is so much more to see beyond the iconic canyon trail and carved in the sandstone wall the magnificent temple that greats visitors after crossing the 2 km long canyon. I guess it all comes to my lack of research (to avoid spoilers of such)…


Citadel, Amman, Jordan I like this picture. The last day of my stay in Jordan. Didn’t feel like driving and most importantly walking after long few days loaded with km of walks. I felt every site in my legs. This trip actually showed me how out of shape I am… terrible muscle pain from the waste down. Maybe it’s a time to sign up…


Jerash, Jordan. Amazing place. Where the ancient world blends with the XXI century buzzing city. Luckily, I got there just in time for uninterrupted sightseeing, rain just stopped, no tourists around… just perfect. I was really impressed by this site. I usually don’t do much of a research about places where I go just to minimize the expectations. Again, this approach worked for me…


It’s been too long since my last post. To the point when I actually started questioning the future of DHV. Well, I will stick around just for a bit and then will have to make my mind… whether to be or not to be. I have plenty of pictures that I would like to share with all of you… I’ve been busy traveling this…


Beyond my individual preferences, I try to seize opportunities that can enhance my ‘photo-versatility’. I think that one of the biggest perks of getting out of the ‘city-box’ is the exposure to the nature that usually comes along with the countrysite. Taking pictures surrounded by cityscapes or nature can be equally rewarding and exciting. At the moment, I’m trying to balance the two environments…


The Philippines… great place, great people, where the spectacle of life displayed on every block, every corner is unusually intense and entertaining to all people watchers. The Phillipines, hopefully the place I return to again.


First post in November… a month that I usually associate with All Saints Day, Halloween, but mostly with the cold weathet announcing the arrival of winter season. However, in South Africa the seasons are reversed… that’s the place to be now.


Every day life on the outskirts of Cape Town. Morning hours in Kalk Bay’s small port. Fishermen slowly roll back with their daily catch. Local fishing enthusiasts set their rods in hopes for a glorious day…


Somewhere between Switzerland and France, I stumbled upon this small, almost forgotten like, border crossing… completely deserted. The darkness of the night brought out the mystique of this place.