Country: Cambodia/Caption Date: March 2011

You may expect to become acquainted with me, my name, who I am and perhaps what my personality is. But that is not the aim of this website. What is important to know is that I am a passionate amateur street photographer, a person with a camera who you may have seen somewhere, wondering around taking ‘random’ pictures. At this point I have amassed a number of pictures which I was encouraged to begin sharing.


My signature portraits capture the human existence, particularly faces and expressions caught in just one of many everyday experiences. While naturally curious and observant of human nature, I am an introvert, reserved and averse to large noisy crowds. Therefore my photography serves as a filter for my interaction with my surroundings, allowing me to engage in silence and from a distance. Through my lens I aim to seize the unspoken confession, desire or fear, in essence raw human emotions.

DSC_0182 copy
Whichever city I get to wake up in, every market, street, bus stop, or side walk perpetually displays the universal realm of sentiments and passions no matter the time zone nor longitude or hemisphere. As the title ‘de hominis vita’ suggests, the images depict people, every day life and places across different borders… navigating you through the contours and lines of life.


I hope you will enjoy the journey across the sites and spaces of my ‘vita’ and eventually return for more chapters.


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