Cairo (outskirts), Egypt

I took this picture last weekend.

I did not finish review of my trip to Jordan yet and here I am posting a new pic from Egypt. I decided to do so mostly because of how great this particular spot is… extremely undermarketed in my opinion, with such a great potential to attract tourists.

I hiked for a good few hours around the gorge (more so a full blast canyon) and left the place mesmerized. It reminded me so much of my recent trip to Jordan.

It is a good time to hike in Egypt, this is the proper time of the year (low 20C). Honestly speaking I was underprepped for this hike, initially I thought we will enter the site with a car, do small run around and head back. Again I had very little idea about this site.

Nevertheless, the day turned out to be a great adventure. I will certainly return there at some point to explore more.

The only one downside for hiking down the valley are the cars that are allowed inside the protectorate as not all drives keep a reasonable speed while passing by hikers (one would wonder why?!). Another issue with the motorised visitors is the amount of trash left behind. Extremely upsetting view.


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