Petra, Jordan

Interesting thing about Petra, especially for those underinformed (like myblissfullself), it’s huge (!!!) and truly amazing!

There is so much more to see beyond the iconic canyon trail and carved in the sandstone wall the magnificent temple that greats visitors after crossing the 2 km long canyon. I guess it all comes to my lack of research (to avoid spoilers of such) before travels. You should see my face when I realized that it’s not over… there’s more to walk (climb) and to see. I was happy and wanted more of ‘Petra experience’.

Petra itself is one of those rear sites that keep on surprising you as a visitor. Every step of the way seems to provide better, bigger experiences a true feast for one’s eyesight. And at the end of the day it’s not overwhelming, more a thought provoking than anything else… how is it all possible, how come, what!?!

It took us 7h to walk around, (treacherous) climb 1200 stairs to see an amazing monastery (counted on the way down 🙂 ), we’ve seen number of amazing things. I understand why there is an option to purchase a 2/3 day passes and I certainly recommend a longer stay in Petra. The entrance it self was quite expensive as tagged at 50 dinar (approx 75 USD), with kids free entry. Now I can say, it was worth it 🙂 (always a good thing to say after spending X amount of momey).

Speaking of kids, that was a common sight to see kids riding donkeys (offered rides too). I’m not going to describe the situation that I tried to capture, don’t want the narrative to influence Your first impression…

I enjoyed Petra. It’s on my list of top 3 places to visit (maybe even revisit, there is so much to see there).

More pictures, of actual Petra, coming soon.

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