Usually I don’t write descriptions of my pictures as I don’t want to influence my audience… preserve the purity of their imagination upon first contact, manage the expectation factor. Which in turn guarantees untainted perception of each photograph and unique experience – this is at least what I would hope for.

However, for the sake of better understanding of the Haiti environment, I would like to say few words about the background of this particular photo. The most common public transportation in Haiti (especially the capital city of Port-au-Prince, abbreviated as PAP) are pick-up trucks. As in most cases the aspects of safety ‘standards’ do not apply, these trucks should rather serve the purpose of (non-fragile) cargo transportation. Commonly called ‘tap-taps’ flood the streets, whether in (uncoordinated) motion or (miscellaneously) grounded, parked aside or even in the middle of the road, blending into the urban parkour of PAP.  In most of the cases it is even difficult to estimate the vintage of ‘tap-taps’ and unlike Cuba where old classic cars (sometimes classic because old) are nicely preserved to the smallest detail, Haitian ‘tap-taps’ mostly resemble cars from demolition derby, which mechanical ‘lifelines’ are being maintained by quick fix solutions. The trucks are considered tools in making money with a minimal investment into their performance and longevity often reflected in dented surfaces of steal covered by saturated layers of rust.

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